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Some business owners and marketers find it impossible to show up on Google or other search engine results. Some think they need a special website or high volume of visitors daily to accomplish this. Truth is that Google and search experts have made it possible for everyone to compete on search engines. Even though you might not have the best website or many daily visitors, you can always show your website and ads to those who are searching for services/products that you might offer.

With the help from our search experts, we can show your ads to those searching for your services/products, allowing you to attract customers when they need your services or products the most. This will eliminate the costs to educate your customer about your services/products as well as the need of reaching a wide variety of people to find those who might have a need for your services. Our process is simple, after getting to know you and developing a business persona we follow these 3 steps to develope your marketing campaign: Research and Strategic Planning, Implementation, Analysis and Optimization.

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Research and Strategic Planning

Get to know your future clients

Before we start implementing your marketing campaigns we spend many hours to research. We put in time necessary to educate ourselves about your business, brand, and business goals. After developing a business persona, we work with you to better understand your market and competitors. Using our survey techniques and researching skills we are able to recognize your client’s habits, interest, favorite sites, as well as their search habits.

After a successful research, we are able to make decisions on our marketing strategies. Having a clear picture of what your clients are looking for, where they are searching for these, and the keywords that they are searching for, we are able to come up with a strategic plan around your goals and around your budget that would best suite you and your business needs.

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Design is more than just a pretty picture. In ClixCity our website design team are experts in creating innovative visual contents that are more than just eye catching pictures. We are experts in translating words and marketing goals into beautiful timeless designs. Our expert are translators who speak design and visual representation. They are able to take in our vision and bring them to life by beautiful designs that are both eye-catching and impressive.

Our development team are talented individuals who have worked with our design team for over a decade now. They work closely every day and on every project to make sure that projects are both user friendly as well as flawless in function. Our dev team have worked on many custom porjects such as shopping carts, scheduling, registration forms, merchant Integration, and many other custom solutions.

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