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Search Engine Optimization

How does it work?

Over the last decade, marketing has evolved to a new digital platform. In this new era, Not only it is important to be attractive and trustworthy to potential customers but same applies when it comes to search engines. In order to be recognized online as a legitimate business and in order to be able to generate some traffic to your site, your website and your business has to be ranked high on search engines by following the Search Engine Optimization techniques. Using these techniques and with the help from our experts here at ClixCity, we will guarantee you high rankings on search engines which will generate many organic and free leads for years to come.

Audit, Optimize, Get Ranked

How would it help my business?

Search Engine Optimization is essential to any business and business owner. Whether you are generating leads through emails, calls, social medial, and/or any other marketing platform, you cannot deny the fact that everyone will search your business before they do any type of business with you. You have to make sure your website and landing pages are highly ranked so that it would be easy for anyone to find your website. Same applies when you are using pay-per-click campaigns. SEO is one of the most important ranking methods when it comes to PPC. No matter what type of marketing campaign works for you, you can always improve your campaigns by building higher awareness around your product and services by running optimized, targeted, high level SEO campaigns.


Get Clients not Traffic

Why hire SEO expert from ClixCity?

Search engine optimization efforts sometimes take months or years before they start having an impact on your lead generating efforts. That is why it is essential to make sure your SEO efforts are measurable and effective. With the help from ClixCity’s SEO experts, you know you are in safe hands. Our SEO experts have more than 10yrs of experience in helping businesses. They have been able to help 99% of our clients to improve their online rankings.

Using our Strategic planning phase we will audit, research, plan, develop, measure, and optimize your current, past, and future online marketing efforts to develop a plan that fits and works best with your business goals and needs. Using our weekly reports we will give you overall look at our efforts and ranking improvements that we have established.

Copy-writing and content writing

Friendly with Search engines, Easy to use for users

Many think about copy writing for websites as a way to inform customers or educating their clients and potential customers about different features and capabilities they offer. In today’s world, educating the customers mostly come from whitepapers, informational commercials, newsletters, and many other awareness building techniques. Your business’s website and specially your home page should be where you attract and convert potential clients to long term customers not where you try to educate your current clients. Using strong suggestive targeted call to actions and writing with purpose of converting have tremendously changed how new business build and operate their websites.

After making sure your website is user friendly and your website is doing a good job in converting leads to customers, comes the next phase, making sure your website is search friendly. This is very important, no matter how good your website is, if no one can find your website on search engines, rest won’t really matter. Our experts will take their time to make sure all your tags, keywords, links, and many other SEO factors are all fully built and implemented on your website to achieve higher search engine rankings.