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A great website can be your greatest marketing asset

Whether you need an informative website that can educate your customers or a website that can convert visitors to clients, here at ClixCity we have a solution tailored for your needs. Our Website Development team together with our design team have worked on many websites that are now number one marketing assets for the companies that they belong to.

We are experts in designing websites that rank high on Google and other search platforms. During preparation and persona development we take our time to get to know our clients as well as the business they are in. This will allow us to have a better understanding of your business and your targeted audience. After getting to know your business and your targeted audience, we will follow these 3 steps to develop our marketing strategy: Research/Audit, Design, and Development.

Research and Audit

Reevaluate your digital marketing efforts

After developing an accurate persona of your business comes researching. Researching the market that you are in and your competitors probably is the most important step in developing your marketing strategies overall. Using numerous research techniques, our experts are able to recognize the marketing platforms and funnels that you will be most successful in. Having a good understanding of your clients and visitors can tremendously help us in designing a website that is not just search friendly but user friendly as well.

In the audit phase, we start by researching you and your business. We need to recognize the weaknesses and strong points of any business before we start improving it. In our audit phase we use our UX/UI experts to make sure your website is user and search friendly and with the help our SEO team we are able to get a report on keywords, contents, and links that are working for you and those that need improvement.


Design and Development

Design is more than just a pretty picture. In ClixCity our website design team are experts in creating innovative visual contents that are more than just eye catching pictures. We are experts in translating words and marketing goals into beautiful timeless designs. Our expert are translators who speak design and visual representation. They are able to take in our vision and bring them to life by beautiful designs that are both eye-catching and impressive.

Our development team are talented individuals who have worked with our design team for over a decade now. They work closely every day and on every project to make sure that projects are both user friendly as well as flawless in function. Our dev team have worked on many custom porjects such as shopping carts, scheduling, registration forms, merchant Integration, and many other custom solutions.

Copy-writing and Optimization

Friendly with Search engines, Easy to read for users

Many think about copy writing for websites as a way to inform customers or educating their clients and potential customers about different features and capabilities they offer. In today’s world, educating the customers mostly come from whitepapers, informational commercials, newsletters, and many other awareness building techniques. Your business’s website and specially your home page should be where you attract and convert potential clients to long term customers not where you try to educate your current clients. Using strong suggestive targeted call to actions and writing with purpose of converting have tremendously changed how new business build and operate their websites.

After making sure your website is user friendly and your website is doing a good job in converting leads to customers, comes the next phase, making sure your website is search friendly. This is very important, no matter how good your website is, if no one can find your website on search engines, rest won’t really matter. Our experts will take their time to make sure all your tags, keywords, links, and many other SEO factors are all fully built and implemented on your website to achieve higher search engine rankings.